*Accredited IBMS Tattoo Course on Blood-borne Pathogens and Communicable Diseasesmust be purchased separately from IBMS Certification *

  • This in-depth 2-3 hour course is a comprehensive tattoo/cosmetic tattoo/permanent makeup/body artist specific accredited IBMS Tattoo Course on Blood-Borne Pathogens and Communicable Diseases.
  • A certificate of completion documenting (70%) passage of the accredited IBMS Course/Teston Blood-Borne Pathogens and Communicable Diseases will be provided to the tattoo/cosmetic tattoo/permanent makeup artist.
  • The following is a detailed description of the course content specific to the tattoo/cosmetic tattoo/permanent makeup industry, is three (3) hours in length, excluding the examination, includes an opportunity for interactive questions and answers with the person conducting the training and information about transmission of Blood-Borne Pathogens and Communicable Diseases such as Staphylococcus aureus including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, tuberculosis, psoriasis, impetigo, and Herpes zoster, and the prevention of such transmission and is followed by a written examination covering the materials in the course.
  • Information included is essential in order to ensure comprehensive tattoo/cosmetic tattoo/permanent makeup procedures are being performed in a safe, responsible, and legal manner.e examination has a minimum of fifty (50) questions
  • Identity verification and validation of the person taking the course is ensured.
  • Module I: Definitions
  • Module II: Operational Requirements for a Tattoo Establishment
  • Module III: Operational Requirements for a Temporary Tattoo Establishment
  • Module IV: Standards of Practice for a Tattoo Artist or Guest Tattoo Artist
  • Module V: OSHA Compliance
  • Module VI: Essential Information for Running a Safe Facility for Both Staff and Clients, Infection Control/Biomedical Waste Plan Preventing Disease Transmission/Standard Precautions
  • Module VII: General Prevention of Transmission Blood-borne and Communicable Diseases in a Tattoo Setting
  • Module VIII: Transmission Blood-borne Diseases; HIV+/AIDS, hepatitis B, hepatitis C
  • Module IX: Transmission Communicable Diseases; hepatitis A, Staphylococcus aureus, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, tuberculosis, impetigo, scabies, ringworm, molluscum contagiosum, herpes simplex, and herpes zoster

Examples of accredited IBMS Tattoo Course review questions:

  1. An exposure could occur by a puncture with a needle contaminated with blood or by getting someone's blood on an open sore or in the eyes or mouth. TRUE/FALSE
  2. If any tattoo items are sterilized prior to a temporary event, spore test results confirmed by an independent laboratory, shall be available for review by the department at the time of inspection. TRUE/FALSE
  3. In the event a tattoo artist must leave the tattooing area, the gloves shall be removed and discarded. The artist shall thoroughly wash his/her hands and re-glove before resuming the tattoo session. TRUE/FALSE
  4. Impetigo is a common skin infection caused by streptococcus (strep) or staphylococcus (staph) bacteria; methicillin-resistant staph aureus; (MRSA) is becoming a common cause. TRUE/FALSE
  5. If only individually packaged, pre-sterilized, single-use items are used, an autoclave shall not be required. TRUE/FALSE
  6. Unobstructed access means one can easily go in and out of the tattoo establishment. TRUE/FALSE