*Accredited IBMS Tattoo Course Blood-borne Pathogens and Communicable Diseases must be purchased separately from IBMS Certification*


The INTERNATIONAL BOARD OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY (IBMS) certifies the finest healthcare providers in the world, complementing the Joint Commission International and other accrediting organizations, by certifying physicians, surgeons, dentists, and other medical/healthcare professionals in the global healthcare community with review of national licensure and specialty certification, affidavit of compliance with standards of international medical evaluation/treatment, and pledge to abide by a Code of Ethics.

  • IBMS certification: $500 US per year, $950 US 2 years, $1400 US 3 years, $1800 US 4 years, $2000 US 5 years.


  1. Medical supervision with online communication.
  2. Online review of IBMS Registered Member Profile: CV (statement of education and prior experience) with contact information including first and last name, business name and address, business telephone number, business email address and website, home address, home telephone number, cell number; notarized government photo id, any professional certificates/licenses, 1-3 references (client or other tattoo artist), copy of occupational license (if required in jurisdiction), biohazard operating permit, contract with biohazard company to dispose of needles, a field for up to 20 photos including front and entire inside of studio, equipment and supplies, 2 examples of work, and of the artist actually doing a tattoo, signed affidavit with regard to sending client to primary care physician for permission to tattoo should he/she have a particular medical risk factor.
  3. Procedures for tattoo and cosmetic tattoo/permanent makeup technique, sanitation, sterilization, selection of candidates, care of minor and major emergencies and/or complications, and infection control will be reviewed and tested (requiring 70% passage) of the accredited IBMS Florida Tattoo Course on Blood-Borne Pathogens and Communicable Diseases or other Florida accredited course/test.
  4. Occupationaland State of Florida tattoo licenses to be uploaded to the IBMS Registered Member Profile upon receipt.
  5. IBMS OMP TAT certified member will receive an IBMS certificate and linkage of IBMS OMP TAT certification seal on www.ibms.us  to the IBMS OMP TAT certified member’s website.
  6. IBMS certification sealmay be used for marketing as long as IBMS Annual Renewal/Maintenance of Certification Fee for IBMS certification is up-to-date.


  • IBMS OMP TAT Annual Renewal Maintenance of Certification Fee (with Semi-Annual Renewal of $250 US option): $500 US per year [discount code may apply for ONLINE CERTIFICATION REGISTRATION
  • IBMS OMP TAT Annual Renewal Maintenance of Certification requires IBMS certified member profileupdate of current licenses.
  • IBMS Annual Renewal Maintenance of Certification Date is the one (1) year anniversary of the tattoo and cosmetic tattoo/permanent makeup artist's IBMS registration date.
  • A reminder for IBMS Annual Renewal Maintenance of Certification (with Semi-Annual Renewal of $250 US option) shall be sent by email 4-6 weeks prior to the one (1) year Expiration Date (or Semi-Annual Expiration Date). Automatic Renewal Optionis available.
  • IBMS Annual Renewal Maintenance of Certification Fee (with Semi-Annual Renewal of $250 US option) paid after the Expiration Date will incur a late charge of $50, and if no payment is received within one (1) month after Expiration Date, IBMS OMP TAT certification shall be put into Inactive Status for one (1) year after which if not reactivated with payment of IBMS Annual Renewal Maintenance of Certification Fee (with Semi-Annual Renewal of $250 US option) and Reactivation fee of $100.00 (total $350) will be deleted from the IBMS database.